We Craft Digital
Products With Care

Your Warm Welcoming Website is waiting.
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Your Warm Welcoming Website is waiting. Reach out today & Unlock the new WWW.

Building Products
Through The Art Of
Digital Hospitality

Founded in 2011 and with offices in NYC and now in Copenhagen

we’re a distributed team spread across the world.  Every day, tens of thousands of people visit the products we’ve built, and we’re passionate about providing a great experience for every single person. Our mission is to make creative work easier.

What We Do

At Cantilever, we build digital products using our proven three-step process. We’re more than a technology company – we’re a hospitality company.

We have a simple formula that delivers profound results: Discover, Create, Enhance. We’ve used our method for a wonderfully diverse range of clients, from financial institutions to universities to electronics manufacturers. With their insight and our expertise, we create products that are helpful, empathetic, constructive, accommodating, and safe.


We work with a global network of independent collaborators supporting the agency across disciplines.


  • Concept Development

  • Copywriting

  • Development

  • Digital Product Design

  • Mobile Applications

  • Prototyping

  • Research

  • Strategy

  • Websites

  • Support


  • Brand Strategy

  • Story & Marketing

  • Content Strategy

Brand Identity

  • Content Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Logo & Identity Design

  • Marketing Collateral

Clients We’ve Worked With

We work with clients across all industries based on a shared set of values. Together, we build long-term relationships.